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Frequently Asked Questions

Our complete focus is on making 100% natural snacks, some of our ingredients are organic, but overall our bars cannot be called organic. There is no other sweetener in our bars apart from honey and dates. Since we use honey in all our bars, we cannot classify our products as vegan.
We use butters in our bars (peanut butter/ cocoa butter). When butters are slightly warm, due to temperature variation, a small amount of oil might rise on the top of our bars. If you store the bars in some cool place like chocolates, the bars will go back to normal.
The packets are flushed with nitrogen to keep the bars fresh, just like the packet of chips!
The bars are perfectly fine to consume if they are puffed up. Nitrogen is the major component of the air that we breathe, we have chosen it because it helps to keep the bars fresh without the addition of harmful preservatives!
We use pure cocoa butter in our bars, when cocoa butter gets warm due to change in temperature, it tends to ooze out of the bars and then when the temperature cools down its crystallizes on the surface of the bars. (mostly in summers, everyone sweats in summer, why exclude bars, we could definitely cut some slack). You can make sure it’s just butter by pressing your finger on the whitish layer, it will melt in a minute! It just means that are bars are 100% natural and we do not use any kind of emulsifiers which help in reducing the white layer. We can compromise on the looks but we will never compromise on health or taste!
Our main principle is simple and 100% natural. Each and every ingredient that we have chosen has a definite nutritive value. We are nowhere to ingredients that contribute to empty calories. We only use honey and dates in most of our products. We don’t make use of any emulsifiers, artificial sweeteners, preservatives or colouring agents.
Our products are mainly made up of nuts, seeds, whole grains, dry fruits and superfoods and nothing else!
Our bars are made up of honey mainly and no sugar so they are definitely safe but one should not eat a whole bar at one go, it would be ideal to cut the bar into small pieces and have it at regular intervals. You should consult your dietician / doctor if you are diabetic and want to include Rine bars as part of your diet. Let us know if you have specific questions about the ingredients that we use and we’ll be more than happy to respond to you.
Our granola bars are made with 100% natural ingredients, with main sweetener as honey and dates with no artificial sweeteners or what so ever. They are the perfect, nutrient dense and yummy treat for your children! You can divide one Rine bar into 2bars for a readymade delicious snack for the kids, along with a glass of milk. The Rinebar is not very sweet as “chocolates,” so children can enjoy themselves without consuming unwanted sugars.
Our range of high protein bars is formulated with adult protein needs in mind, it’s not recommended that children eat a whole bar until their nutritional needs more closely match those of an adult (around ages 9-13). Children ages 4-9 could have a piece now and then and as with all food choices, parents should use their best judgment.
A complete lunch is when it comprises of fresh fruits and vegetables, but in our busy lives we do not have the luxury to carry fresh food or to make it fresh. At such time we need to grab something on-the-go, to keep us going! And that’s exactly where we come in, we have made our bars as nutritious, filling and yummy as we could. We gave months to choose the right ingredients to make best bars for you. They are perfect meal replacements for those times when you just can’t sit down! Our bars will fulfil you deeply and keep your system going for hours.
Grabbing a bar instead of unhealthy snacks and oily snacks like vadapaav, dosa, chips or chaat items will not only help you lose weight but also you get great amount of nutrition which comes from natural ingredients. Our omega 3 rich bar (blueberry bolt) will help you in not getting fit but also help you in looking good.
Our Protein bars are another option for maintaining weight, they are not just for gymmers, they help you build your lean body mass body mass, increase your metabolism and help you shed the fat. they are packed with anti-oxidants and good fats which will help you shape up naturally! Protein are great for your hair too! And proteins make your bones stronger by helping them absorb calcium from the food!
But none the less if you have to lose weight for medical reasons or have a fixed target, it’s always better to consult a nutritionist for best guidance!
Ours bars are made of all natural, of which major portion is made up of nuts, seeds and dry fruits (more than 30% in nutty strawberry) apart from those, the bars contain wholes grains like oats and crisps made of jowar bajra, and all these are bound together using honey and dates, thus they arebound to be slightly high in calories! But high calories don’t always mean it’s bad, it’s not about the number but all about the source. The calories mainly come from nuts and seeds which contain good fat and are packed with nutrition!! So, go ahead and enjoy our bars, they will help you get healthy and fit!
As of fat content, there are two types of fat, good fat and bad fat, good fats are called PUFA (poly unsaturated fatty acids) and MUFA (monounsaturated fatty acids) and if you see the nutrition content of our bars you’ll observe that all we want to provide you with are good fats!! These good fats give you amazing health benefits! They help you boost your memory, improves your eye sight, sharpens your mind etc. (refer to our blogs for more information on good fats and bad fats and benefits of omega 3).
Rine bars are made from all-natural healthy ingredients such as whole grain cereals, seeds, nuts and fruits. They are bound by honey, and dates using no sugar at all. It gives you all the energy you need without added sugars and additionally, the saturated fat content is less than 20% in the granola bars, unlike the other snacks like biscuits. The bars serve as wholesome snacks which give you all nutrients and vitamins in their ideal proportions as much as possible. Our main objective is to provide you with healthy snaking options unlike, bhel or a sandwich would probably not give you the protein or goodness of all the vitamins. Chips and biscuits would give you more sodium, saturated fats and sugar than required from a snack. It has been our relentless effort to weigh out all these aspects and create a healthy balanced bar which would make a perfect snack.
Our bars are a great pre-workout snack, as they provide energy to last 3 hours and keep you going through a great workout. Also, the slow release of carbs from the whole grains and nuts will help you retain your energy and boost your workout. Our raneg of high protein bars, which is good for muscle recovery and replenishing energy, making it a perfect post workout snack as well. In case of an intense workout you can also combine it with milk. So, whether it’s before or after your workout, go ahead – snack!
All bars are made with 100% natural ingredients with no additives, pregnant woman can consume our bars without hesitation but to be on a safer side, we won’t recommend our high protein range of bars.
Pure Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Concentrate or Pea Protein Isolate used. You can choose them depending on your requirement.
0.8 - 1 g per kg body weight is the ideal intake for health individual. But it can go upto 2 g per kg body weight depending on the workout intensity or type of workout
We have tried to make the best possible range of protein powders for you and along with pure protein we have added just the right amounts of probiotics and enzymes which will help improve your gut health, metabolism & nutrient absorption
UpNatural's protein powders are handcrafted with love for you! Right from athletes who require an energy boost for their workouts to those looking need increased energy to carry on with their daily routine. Along with best quality proteins, UpNatural's protein powders also contain added probiotics and enzymes to improve your gut health, digestion and nutrient absorption.
Protein drinks are an easy and effective way to increase your daily dietary protein intake, which in itself has load of benefits. At the same time, having excessive protein shakes might affect your intake of other nutrients in your diet. It is best to have protein shakes based on your daily requirement and ensure you take in other nutrients too.
Our vegan protein powders are keto-friendly. Those of you following a keto diet can comfortably consume our protein shakes without worrying about cheating their date.
Protein shakes are an effective source of protein, which are the building blocks of muscles. Consuming proteins helps enhance muscle repair, recovery and reduce any exercise-related muscle damage.
The effect of protein shakes on your weight depends on how they are incorporated into your diet. For those of you who wish to increase your weight, incorportae protein powders in a way that they contribute to a calorie surplus. If you are looking to lose weight, ensure a calorie deficit. It is best to consult a professional for best results.
While it can be consumed at any time that’s convenient for you, these are some specific timings that may be helpful 1. between meals either as a snack or around your workout. 2. With breakfast incase you are looking to reduce hunger cravings, which high protein breakfast can help with.
Every pregnancy has different nutrient requirements. It is best to consult your obstetrician/gynaecologist before consumption of protein supplements.
Protein powders that contain high portein content are not recommended for younger children as it can cause digestive distress in them.
All our products are 100% vegetarian and our range of pea protein powders are vegan.
We have created our UpNatural protein powders with added enzymes that help in the breakdown protein and probiotics that ease digestion and increase nutrient absorption. Due to these properties of our protein powders, digestive distress like bloating does not occur.
Yes, you can consume Upnatural protein powder with another protein supplement but you must ensure that the total amount of protein consumed is within the recommended limits. However, for optimum results, it is best to consume one (the best) protein supplement type.
Our pea protein powder range is 100% vegan and we source it from highest quality of peas. We have also added plant-based enzymes and vegan-friendly porbioitcs to give all our vegan friends a one-stop solution for vegan protein powders.

So, go ahead. Try our bars and tell us what you think!