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The little things.

Waking up early, and realising you have hours to sleep, finding money in your pocket that you forgot about, the smell of the earth just before it rains, a perfectly poured mug of beer… it’s the seemingly little things that give us unspeakable happiness!

That’s the way we think too; whether it was choosing the right chocolate (even if it’s a little more expensive to procure), adding the best-tasting, perfectly-sized raisins (after tasting about a hundred!), choosing to say no to any added sugar, tasting each bar ourselves and agreeing to bring it to you only when we were completely ready – we decided we will never, ever compromise on anything. The trials, the errors, the misses, the little things have helped us make our Rine Bars what they are today – chewy, with just the right amount of sweet and one that won’t crumble and leave a mess.

Like we said, it’s in the little things.

Big on taste.

There are so many options of granola bars in the market that you can choose from. But how many make you happy? Many times, we’ve noticed that people compromise on taste for health, and vice versa.

But why? We always knew it was possible to make granola bars that give you taste and health, and then thought… when there’s a bar you want to eat and it hasn’t been made, go ahead and make it yourself!

So we did – we made our bars healthy AND we made them very, very tasty.

Nature Essential Foods believes in celebrating our bodies, and rewarding it with the food that it deserves! In our own small way,
we hope to change the way we snack, a little bite at a time.

So, go ahead. Try our bars and tell us what you think!